We have recently been developing our Plone skills, by creating new Plone Products and Content Types, and totally customised Plone themes.

Plone is a powerful and flexible content management system, based on the Python and Zope libraries.

It is ideal for a wide range of web projects, in particular those where content is added and updated regularly by multiple users. It has a great ability to structure and control website content.

You can read more about Plone's great track record on the plone website

Our recent projects have included:

  • Creating a new Plone Product, containing a brand new 'content type' and a linked 'portlet' allowing normal content editors to control specific content in the right hand column
  • Developing a fully customised Plone theme from scratch, to be CSS standards compliant, and nothing like the basic Plone theme.

We're keen to develop our Plone skills further, so please get in touch if you have a Plone project you'd like us to work on!